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We produce and supply the MK1 Attachment in Non-Precious Metal (MK1 PLUS) or alternatively in Titanium Alloy (MK1 Titan). In case you are not situated in Germany we will ship to your country no question how near or far. Dental labs and Dentists around the world rely on MK1 Attachments for the advantage of their patients.

The range of application is immense. While in the 80ies and 90ies of the past century the unilateral free end prostheses was the preferred area of application, now the combination of cad/cam-milled bars and MK1 Attachment has got the upper hand. Dental Implants and MK1 Attachment is a dream team. Thanks to the physiological transfer of forces, improper loading of implant posts is prevented, while at the same time the suprastructure is guaranteed to be held securely in place.